Our Missions

As a result of Japan's economic development in the past three decades, more Japanese people go abroad and live in many countries than ever and their number reaches almost one million. They scatter all over the world. This phenomenon seems to be God's gracious providence to make it possible in a world-wide scale to draw more Japanese people to salvation in Christ. Therefore, it is a God-given opportunity for Japanese churches abroad to reach out to them and to bring them to Christ.

The Japanese population in the Greater Washington DC area is around 4,000 to 5,000. They are immigrants and short term (2-5years) residents such as businessmen, journalists, researchers, students, other professionals and their families. They are more exposed to Christianity and more receptive to the Gospel here than in Japan.

Our work include 1) to reach out to as many Japanese in Washington DC area as possible, to bring them to salvation in Christ and to nurture them, 2) to accept Japanese Christians who come to Washington DC area into our fellowship and nurture them with the word of God while they are here, 3) to send them back to Japan as witnesses for Christ, and 4) to establish Bible study groups in different parts of the Mid-Atlantic states (we are currently engaged in ministries in six places in Washington DC, MD and VA.)

American churches have sent many missionaries to Japan. Now God has given us the opportunity to reach out to Japanese people right at our door-steps. Part of our ministry is really "Overseas Missions." We sincerely ask friends in Christ who love Japan and Japanese people to pray for and support this unique ministry.

Through the 30 years of history, our church has been helped and supported by many other churches both from the US and Japan. And many of those are form Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and Reformed Church in Japan. Both stand on a close faith, and historically have close interactions with each other. Pastor Uehara, in his days in Japan, belonged to Reformed Church in Japan, and in the US, he is a pastor belonging to PCA. However, we do not belong to any specific church group. Many people who have different backgrounds together read the same Bible and worship and serve the same Lord here at our church.